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Alt Productions was formed in Szolnok, Hungary in 1991. We intend to facilitate and create performance opportunities in Szolnok for contemporary independent artistic productions that may interest young people. We also wish to help talented young artists in their activities and to perform their products locally, in Hungary and abroad. During the past 18 years, besides Hungarian artists, we managed to invite a number of foreign artists who could present themselves to the young audience with great success. Together with the ”For The Youth” Public Benefit Association (was formed in 1989), we organized the open-air ”Heritage” Ethno, Folk and Folk Rock Festival first in 1996.
By now it has become a traditional world music event which takes place every year in August connected to our national holiday, August 20.

Based on the experiences of the festival, we would like to extend its profile and develop it into a contemporary art festival presenting not only music productions but other branches of art as well.

During the years, we have ’’mastered’’ the art of  organizing events, tours, leisure programmes as well as that of finding lodging, accommodation for foreign artists and possible sponsors to create a friendly atmo- sphere.

At our disposal we have sound and lighting equipment satisfying all sorts of demands.

Wolrd Music festival